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Image by Estée Janssens


I am a spiritual seeker & blogger 

At some point in our lives, we all have hoped for someone who can offer us selfless counsel and help us find our way through the treacherous journey of life.


I am incredibly blessed that I found my Guru when I needed him the most. Gurudev's presence has enriched my life in countless ways possible and has opened up an entirely new realm beyond this material world.


In the short time I have shared with Gurudev, I have had the honor and joy of watching myself and others shed their old patterns and grow into the person they needed to be. His unique insights and wisdom have helped me overcome my inhibitions and face my mental demons.


With Gurudev’s blessings and permission, I have embarked upon this journey to share my spiritual quest with Gurudev.


This blog chronicles my spiritual journey and gives me and everyone who comes across my post/stories an opportunity to live their highest, honest, and truest selves. I hope to help whoever reads them in the same way as they have helped me.


In the days ahead, I hope to create a community where we all strive to be the best-truest version of ourselves.


Who is a Guru?

The one who leads you from DARKNESS to LIGHT

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