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A Bedtime Prayer For Sleep

Updated: Jun 8, 2023


Today, after a long tiring day of taking care of my worldly duties and responsibilities, I have returned to you to bare my heart and lay in your lap.

I thought of you when I was in trouble, and you gave me the strength to fight and the wisdom to let go of what I couldn’t control.

I thought of you when I was afraid and found you standing by my side, shielding me like you always do.

I thought of you when I received praise, and surrendered it to you, for everything good that I do, only flows from you.

I thought of you when I was criticized, and I didn’t let it get to me, for it’s only you whose judgment matters to me.

I thought of you when I felt lonely, but the warmth of your ever-present love reminded me you never left my side.

I thought of you when I received the fruits of my toil and devoted it all to you, for it’s only you who have worked through the instrument of my body.

I thought of you when I saw fault in others and sought your guidance, and you reminded me to correct my failings first.

As the long day ends, I have come to you with all my joys and pains. I lay all my desires at your feet. All my worries and doubts have disappeared in the warmth of your love. As I am gently taken in the warm embrace of sleep, I find you ever close to me.

Right here. Right here. Right here.


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