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Prayer of a devotee in uncertain times

Updated: Jun 7, 2023


These are difficult times, and I'm not sure why I'm being punished. On days like today, my mind is foggy, and I'm not sure where I'm going. I'm fighting on, but I'm afraid my strength is diminishing. I remember all of your lessons, yet I am worried. But I'm not going to force my will on you.

I know you will help me like you always have.

I know you seek to do what is best for me.
I know I am ignorant and short-sighted.

I know your plans are better than I could ever plan for myself.
I know my life will not be wasted, for I have found you.

I know this world will test me, but my faith shall not waver from you.

I am often at the mercy of the vices of my mind and body, but I have learned through you that I am neither of them. I seek to dissolve all my vices by reposing faith in you. These times may be hard but I will not stop because I have promised to serve and walk beside you in this life and beyond.

Gurudev, accept my prayer, as I surrender by worries to you.


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