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The Bonsai Tree

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

“Gurudev, look at the bonsai tree I am growing”, I texted Gurudev sending him a picture of Jade plant which had started to assume the shape of bonsai after years of dedicated pruning and shaping.

“Very nice,” said Gurudev.

Explaining my bonsai-making process to Gurudev, I said, “I have been taking care of this bonsai for three years now. I use wires to mold the stems into the shape that I desire. Whenever the stems start to grow downward, I cut them and let the branches that are growing upward stay…”

“Oh, that must hurt the plant!” Gurudev interrupted me.

“No, Gurudev! I love this plant! I need to prune it regularly so it can one day become a beautiful Bonsai..” I rushed to defend myself.

“Now, you understand what I go through when I try to shape you as per my vision but you refuse to yield!” he said, smiling.

He continued,

“to the outside world, it might look like I am being critical of you by correcting you, but the outside world cannot see the vision I have for you. Just as, only you can see the vision you have for this plant. Even at the risk of being unpopular, I have to take tough steps. ”

My mind was blown. I was amazed how something as unassuming as a plant could spark the most animated of exchanges with Gurudev. More so, this exchange reflected the kind of passion Gurudev has for his student’s well-being. He goes to great lengths to ensure no harm to his student, but we are often so blinded by our near-nearsightedness that we fail to see his intentions and mistake it as interference or control!

So, the lesson here is that Gurudev always has the best interest of his student in his mind, and he will go to any lengths to protect it, even if it means being disapproved by his own students.


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