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The Deceitful Nature of the World

Updated: May 9, 2023

let's say you attend a lavish wedding. The wedding hall is decorated with all things sparking and gold. The gateway is adorned with flower vases and lavish drapes. The extensively decked-up stage embellished with shimmery chandeliers is straight out of a fairy tale. The bride and groom look no less than the king and queen. Everyone is dressed in the best attire possible. Curated wedding songs play in the background, and the smell of delicacies teases your taste-buds. It has everything for everyone. Yet, you don't wish to stay there forever. You take pictures, eat your meal, bless the newlywed and return home.

What if you were to remain in the wedding hall, believing it to be the heavenly place it is made out to appear?

You wake up in the morning only to find the opposite of what it looked like the night before. The venue once looked like a celestial palace, now lies vacant. The facade that gave it an appearance of a mansion has been taken away. The carpet, which once looked like a luscious green lawn, has been removed, exposing the uneven ground underneath. The walls and ceiling lay bare without the chandelier, the lavish drapes, and the flower vases that once decorated them. The air is filled with the smell of food that has gone bad, the same food that made your taste buds water. The fresh flowers that adorned the entryway have started to wither away.

The reality of the heavenly place has been exposed. Like the wedding venue, the nature of reality of the world we live in is also deceitful. None of the things that we take so much pride in is real or everlasting.

One day, you will wake up, and everything you held to be precious- your family, your job, your fancy house, your bank balance will be taken away from you. You will lament seeing everything you worked for all your life taken away from you. You will regret that nothing you held to be so precious remained with you. You will return to the same state you came in. Alone and empty-handed.

What will you do when everything you hold dear is taken away from you?

That dreadful day will certainly come one day. Death is inevitable for all of us. It can come knocking on our doors any moment. When it does, you would be forced to leave behind everything you have worked for all your life, including your loved ones.

Are you prepared for that day?

Guru alone can lead you through this chimerical world and onto the divine. In our futile chase after the perfect partner, career, money, fame and whatnot, we have forgotten the connection we once shared with Gurudev, but he hasn’t. Gurudev lovingly and patiently watches over you from birth to death. He waits for you. He will not leave you behind.

While you live, you must develop your relationship with something permanent and everlasting, i.e., your relationship with Gurudev. It is eternal, unconditional and unchanging. This connection will transcend this world and continue to guide you as it always has.

He is extending his hand to you. He is calling to your soul.

Are you receptive enough?

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