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Why We Are Never Truly Satisfied

Updated: May 8, 2023

A mother and her five-year-old son visit a store. He is fascinated by all kinds of colorful balloons, treats, and toys he sees on display. He begs his mother to purchase all of those items for him. The child is unaware of and has no understanding of the mother's lack of financial resources. Being unable to explain it to the child, the mother feels helpless. When the child's frequent demands go unmet, he begins to act out in tantrums. YOU ARE THE WORST MOTHER EVER, he declares furiously.

Our minds are a lot like that of the small child.

In this material world, the mind is constantly distracted by one shiny thing after another. Even if all of its desires are satiated, it never feels satisfied since there is always more to want and more to do. Just as the child cannot comprehend his mother's financial limitations, neither can the mind comprehend the limitations of the body. Even if the desires hurt the body adversely, the mind doesn't care.

When we were kids, we yearned for a new toy or a box of chocolates. We believed they would bring us ever lasting joy. But they didn't. As teenagers, we yearned for academic success or the approval of someone we liked. Yet it all left us feeling unsatisfied. As adults, we yearn for a bigger house, kids, or better jobs to quench our thirst. But we're still left wanting more.

As we age, only the things we desire change; the desire itself does not.

We go through life completely at the mercy of the mind, chasing one goal after another not knowing when to stop.

The mind has all kinds of tricks up its sleeve if you dare to stop.

It will convince you that you are a failure and everyone else is ahead of you. It will tell you that happiness can only come from having that house you desire. It would lead you to believe things like, "Your life is meaningless without a significant other," "You are missing out on life if you don't take that lavish vacation," "Your life depends on that promotion," and other similar stories.

Can we ever stop our mind's desires and be content with what we have?

Picture this scenario: You go to a market selling fast food. Every square inch of the air is filled with a variety of flavors. You are being yelled at by the food vendors to try their mouthwatering dishes. Your palate is being teased by the fresh aroma of spices. A Kachori vendor is deep frying the crispy Kachoris in a corner as you look around. Before you make up your mind, something else catches your attention! Everything is just too enticing!

But if you have just finished your meal to the fullest extent possible, the aroma of the deep-fried Kachoris would overwhelm your senses and may even cause you to throw up. Nothing entices you any longer. You just want to get out of there.

What changed in the subsequent scenarios? Why did the craving disappear?

Once your appetite is satisfied, you start to dislike the very thing you could not resist before. Hence, the craving disappears!

Is there anything that will satisfy our unending craving for worldly pleasure and achievements?

The answer is simple:

Only Gurudev can bring us the contentment and joy we desperately seek. If you seek fulfillment elsewhere than in Gurudev's presence, you will always be disappointed.

All material things are impermanent by nature, but we foolishly expect permanent happiness by clinging to them. External pleasures are only sense pleasures, whereas when the mind is fixed on Gurudev, unconditional and eternal happiness arises from within.

While the material world would impose conditions on your joy, Gurudev will liberate you from all of them.

Even material success and gain achieved keeping Gurudev in mind will result in enduring happiness.

One can only find eternal content and satisfaction when his mind is firmly rooted in Gurudev. One who acts in the material world without any attachment remains free from the fruits of his actions as well as the clutches of never-ending desires.

When one has quenched his thirst in the eternal fountain of Gurudev's love, his appetite for worldly pleasures and admiration ceases. He no longer has any desire for the ephemeral pleasures of this world.

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